Rejuvenate Wholistic Wellness 

LET'S GET EXCITEDDDDDD!!! We are expanding!!!! We are Focusing on YOU!!! THats right WOMEN's WELLNESS!!
WE HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES AS WOMEN sooooo LET"S DO THIS!!!! THis Womens Wellness Center will be open
As of April 1st we will have a 2nd location in Camp Creek area
3485 North Desert Drive Building 2 Suite 100 Sorry our sign is not up  but come on in
Eastpoint, GA 30344  we are across the street from public storage in the Airport Park Place Building
Services will include; Natural juices, therapeutic massage, yoga, bootcamp, facials, eyelashes, All Natural cleaning products, 
Business Workshops, Wholistic Nutritionist, Maleluca Products and PMS.
 What is PMS you ask? 
IT IS..(drum roll) Pamper ME Sundays. You get a ride to and from your massage. YESSSS THAT'S Right!!!

Welcome to the World of Radiance

I am Angela Emory and I want to transform your life threw physical and spiritual fitness. In 1999 at the age of 18, I realized that my love of food could still exist with my love of beautiful body. It was then I experienced that Fitness is more than physical change. In order to experience a transformation it takes the health of the physical, mental and spiritual health must work in tandem.

That is when I created Radiate Naturally.  As I created, and I studied to get my certification with ACE Fitness, I assisted many find healing through training and spiritual connection. From High blood pressure to heart disease, my clients have found their inner RADIANCE, and turned it into physical results. I currently assist clients through aerobics classes, Personal Training, EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping and Trigger Point Therapy ( sports massage).   I look forward to assisting you assisting you in discovering your inner Radiance. You to are able to Radiate Naturally.